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‚ÄčAbout our program 

Located in St. Charles, Missouri, the Little Hills Youth Archery program is open to youths ages 10 - 20 years old.

Little Hills Youth Archery teaches the basic steps for developing skills for accurately using a bow and arrow. Our classes are designed for either a beginner or youth that have some experience with archery. Youth are introduced to archery from camps, scouts, parents, friends and schools. Many find they enjoy the sport and would like to experience it further. We work hard at teaching techniques that are proven to improve archery skills.

The self-paced program teaches the fundamentals for archery development.

Our instructors offer safety tips. Safety is enforced 100% in Little Hills Youth Archery classes. We offer information on bow types and equipment that is used on a bow and how this equipment can benefit the archer, the different styles of shooting a bow and much more.

Our classes are self-paced and achievement awards are given for each level of achievement. Most youth begin at 10 yard line and with levels and accuracy achieved they are moved to the 20 yard line. We have at least two scoring rounds within a four week program.

We offer equipment for use in our classes for up to sixteen weeks before we ask for a rental fee.

We feel this gives the parent time to see if the child will remain interested in the sport of archery. It is best to own equipment for practicing with a bow setup for an individual with extra equipment that may help improve accuracy.

We also have a lot of fun learning the sport of archery!!