Feb 04
A different kind of archery

​There are many different formalized archery organizations that follow a variety of formats and rules.  Our classes use the USA Archery indoor format (also known as National Archery Association or NAA) for Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD).  We use the 10 point, colorful targets.  A 300 round in NAA is 10 ends of 3 arrows.  Most tournaments in our style shoot 20 ends for 60 arrows called a 600 round.

St. Louis Bow Hunters club, where our classes are hosted, primarily shoots NFAA (National Field Archery Association) indoor style.  That is the blue and white targets with 5 rings or 5-spot.  A 300 round in NFAA is 12 ends of 5 arrows.  This is 60 arrows but each arrow has a maximum score of 5 points.

As part of furthering archery experience and education, we will have a NFAA week in late February.  This will require 5 arrows if the kids have them but we will also allow 3 arrows each end to simulate the experience as needed. 

To further the experience, St. Louis Bow Hunters will host a NFAA style tournament on Sunday, February 26th.  This is open to the public and is mostly adult shooters but there are also youth divisions.  The tournament is exclusively 20 yards and you must have 5 arrows and your own equiment to participate.  You can show up any time between 7:30 and 11:30 and begin shooting whenever a lane becomes available.  There is an excellent description of how this event works here:

What's next?  The Missouri state tournament for NFAA style is held in Linn, MO on March 4th and 5th.  The event spans two days with a 300 round shot each day.

Finally, the following week, the NFAA National Championship will be held in Cincinatti, OH.  This is also a two day event.

Dec 19
New Student Orientation

We are so happy to welcome you to Little Hills Youth Archery.  Our all volunteer program works hard to give every youth interested in archery the opportunity to explore and grow their archery skills in the most effective​ manner possible.

LHYA is a chartered Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program sponsored by USA Archery, the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery.  Our instructors are certified levels 1 through 3 and follow standard guidelines for proven success.

Our orientation class is an opportunity to allow your child to find out what our program is all about by learning the foundations of safety, range etiquette, equipment usage, and form.  It isn't all lecture.  There will be plenty of shooting as well.  This day allows the coaches to understand individual needs and current skill level, evaluate personal equipment (if any) for safety and appropriateness, and ensure readiness for the first day of class with our returning students.

This is a very important session offered free to make sure our program is right for you.  If you do not have equipment, we have everything you need.  Some equipment is shared across classes, other will be assigned individually for your exclusive use for the entire season.  If you do plan on using your own equipment, please be sure to bring everything you have so it can be evaluated. 

As a general rule in archery, it is always necessary to be at least 15 minutes early to begin setup.  See directions on our Find Us page.

Once again, welcome!  We can't wait to get started.

Dec 19
2017 Missouri Indoor JOAD Championship

MACC Activity Center - Jan 28th

​Continuing our long running tradition, Little Hills Youth Archery plans to be a force in Moberly on January 28th.  Join our gang as LHYA takes over Moberly Area Community College Activity Center for the annual state indoor championship.  This is an excellent opportunity to try out your archery skills in a new and different venue surrounded by kids from all over the state.

The rules are mostly the same as we are used to with one exception this year; all compound shooters will shoot the inner 10 ring rules regardless of age.  If you are not sure what that means, don't worry.  We'll talk about it in class.  This is a 600 round which means it is 20 ends instead of our usual 10.  Awards immediately follow so plan on about 5 hours at the venue.  Concessions are available but coolers and snacks are permitted.  See full details here..


Because Moberly is about 2 1/2 hours away (depending on your starting point) many people choose to make a fun weekend trip and stay in a nearby hotel.  The Moberly Inn is close by with many more options in Columbia, MO about 40 minutes to the south.  You will want to arrive by 8:45 to get signed in and setup, well before the 9:15 shoot.


LHYA covers the tournament registration fees ($25) for all youth because we place such a high value on this event.  Registration forms are available in class on 1/14 and 1/21.  USA Archery membership is also required to participate in this or the Illinois tournament.  You can cover that as a single-day temporary event membership for $15 at the venue or register online for annual membership for $35 good at several venues:

Dec 19
2017 Illinois JOAD Championship

Town Hall Archery - Jan 7th

New in 2017, the Illinois Target Archery Association (ITAA) is opening a southern venue for the statewide championship at Town Hall Archery.  This is great news as ​it is a great little venue right across the river from us.  Okay, two rivers for most of us. 

Located in Belleville, IL at 5901 Cool Sports Road, Town Hall has a 13 lane indoor range with a fun pro-shop stocking all sorts of cool gear.  The southern venue is hosting their shoot on January 7th.  We strongly encourage everyone shooting at the 20 yard line to try this "local" competition. 

If you are interested, please register here:


Kishwaukee Archers - Jan 14-15th

While we encourage everyone to attend the southern venue, our competitive team is going to hit the road and return to Sycamore, Illinois (near Chicago) for the northern venue hosted at Kishwaukee Archers.  I've heard rumors of their cozy range (indoor fireplace) and amazing food nearby (Italian beef sandwiches) that makes the frozen drive worthwhile.

The results from both venues will be combined for overall standings as well as a combined top team scores.  We are considered out-of-state, but this makes for great practice for our big competition in Missouri.

Register here for the northern venue:

Dec 17
Winter 2017

Winter Schedule:

  • January 7 - (Regular classes postponed)
    • New Student Orientation
    • Illinois JOAD Championship at Townhall Archery
  • 8 - First day of season for Sunday class
  • 10 - Home school class postponed
  • 14 - (Normal schedule resumes)
    • First day of seasons for Saturday classes
    • Illinois JOAD Championship near Chicago
  • 17 - First day of season for home school class (1:00 PM)
  • 28 - Missouri JOAD Championship in Moberly
    • Class schedules may need to be slightly altered.  This page will be updated.
  • March 4-7 - Last scheduled day of winter season, weather permitting
  • Mid-March - LHYA Spring Tournament (details coming soon!)
  • March 25-28 - First week of spring season


The first week of classes have been postponed due to two conflicts.  The New Student Orientation (see Blog Post) will help get our new students up to speed and allow the first day of classes to run smooth. 

As an alternative to classes, the Illinois JOAD Championship expanded their venue to include a southern location at Townhall Archery (seeBlog Post).  While our competitive is still attending the Chicago venue, we highly encourage all LHYA members (who shoot at the 20 yard line) to participate in this tournament.  Results will be combined with the northern venue the following week.  Wear your LHYA shirts and represent!

The Sunday class is still scheduled to meet on January 8th, however, the Tuesday (1:00 PM) class will also be postponed due to scheduling conflicts.

The winter classes will begin January 14th at the normal class times. Check the published roster to make sure your time & equipment options are correct.

January 14-15th will also be the Illinois JOAD Championship near Chicago for our competitive team.  (seeBlog Post)

January 28th is the Missouri JOAD Championship in Moberly.  (see Blog Post)  We have 18 youth already signed up and strongly encourage everyone who can make it to attend.  We may need to alter the class schedule depending on coaches availability and participation.  This page will be updated once more details are available.

Winter season classes are scheduled to be complete March 4th-7th unless weather delays.  The season will meet officially for 8 classes.  Please  sign up for our free text message service to receive class closure and other important messages.  LHYA Blog Post "A-new-way-to-stay-in-touch"

Finally, our Spring Tournament promises to be extra special this year. It will be held between the winter and spring seasons in mid-March.  Look for updated information on its blog page (coming later).

Dec 05
2016 Fall Tournament

Thanks for the fantastic participation in our first Late Fall JOAD Tournament.  It was such a success, we are already thinking of ways we can make it even better next year!

We were able to establish 6 distinct divisions to make the best match-ups and keep the divisions as fair as possible.  Here are some stats for our 53 kids participating this weekend:

  • 29 Girls / 24 Boys
  • 41 Compound / 11 Recurve / 1 Barebow
  • 37 @20-yard / 16 @10-yard
  • Age brackets:
    • 12 - Bowman (12 & under)
    • 17 - Cub (13-14)
    • 24 - Cadet (15-17)


10 yard - Recurve (All ages)
1st - Matteson, B (255)
2nd - Irizarry, K (227)
3rd - Reitz, B (207)

10 yard - Compound (All ages)
1st - Kelble, A (237)
2nd - Ryherd, P (188)
3rd - Sonn, S (154)

20 yard - Barebow
1st - Wright, T (181)

20 yard - Recurve (All ages)
1st - Koziol, A (249)
2nd - Ryherd, D (198)
3rd - Murphy, B (210 - 60cm)

20 yard - Compound Bowman/Cub
1st - LaPosha, E (237)
2nd - Bailey, A (226)
3rd - Brush, H (195)

20 yard - Compound Cadet (Inner Ring)
1st - Haley, L (279)
2nd - Wagman, E (265)
3rd - Schwartz, T (259)

Nov 03
Late Fall Off-Season Schedule

Our last days of class for this fall are 11/5 - 11/8.  We will be off until the Winter season starting on 1/7.  During the break, here is our current calendar of additional activities:

  • 11/6 (1PM) - Crew 9300 Meeting
  • 11/12 (8AM) - Competitive Team Practice 
  • 11/12 (9PM) - 3rd Annual LHYA Lock-In
  • 11/19 (8AM) - Competitive Team Practice 
  • 12/3 (8AM) - Competitive Team Practice
  • 12/3 (10AM - 3PM) - 1st Annual LHYA Fall Tournament
  • 12/4 (1PM) - Crew 9300 Meeting
  • 12/10 (10AM) - Boy Scout Merit Badge Day
  • 12/17 (8AM) - Competitive Team Practice
  • 12/17 (10AM) - Winter New Student Orientation
  • 12/18 (4PM) - Winter New Student Orientation

This blog post will be updated as we add more events.

Aug 23
2016 Missouri Outdoor JOAD Championship
We sent 6 kids in the Cadet Compound division to the 2016 MAA Missouri State Outdoor JOAD Championship.  This is the outdoor version of the tournament we do every winter in Moberly.  The weather threw everything at us with wind, rain, sunshine, and repeat.  Despite the challenge the kids shot great. 
The format was a 720 round with 12 ends of 6 arrows each (72 arrows) at 60 meters.  That is 196 feet 10 inches!  That was followed by an elimination tournament where archers battle head-to-head in a quarter-final, semi-final, and medal match.
Congratulations Lauren and Taylor for your 2nd & 3rd place finish in the 720 round.  Taylor battled through to win the ShowMe Cup (Set Match Elimination Round).  Lauren also won the 2016 MAA Junior Female Compound Archer of the Year award for best combined indoor and outdoor championships. 
The competition was long and grueling but a whole lot of fun!  Well done everyone who competed in our first ever team outdoor event.
See full results posted here:​
Jul 31
Waiting List Policy Change - Fall 2016

Thanks to our volunteers and amazing students and their families, we have had an incredibally successful and popular archery program.  As a result, word of mouth and internet searches continues to draw a very healthy interest.  Unfortunately, for the last several years, we are just unable to accomodate everyone who is interested.  As spots open up, we try to bring in kids from the waiting list.

Our policy in the past has always been to clear the waiting list at the end of season and start fresh on August 1st.  An unintended consequence of this is that many people who have been unable to get a spot have gone several years and continually move lower on the list after the reset.

Starting this year, August 1st will build the waiting list first come, first serve as it always has, however, we will no longer clear the list.  Your position on the list will be available on our website so you can see as it moves.  Sadly, it does move somewhat slow at times.  Please see previous blogs ​about how the process woks and why.

We will continue to try to find opportunities to give every child who is interested in an archery program the chance.

Jul 30
USA Archery Instructor Level 1 Training

Coach Eric is running a clinic on August 13th in preparation for the new season.  The session is intended for returning coaches, those interested in helping on the line, and anyone seeking USA Archery level one instructor certification (ages 15 and over). The certificate requires completion of a course led by a current level two instructor and some online requirements and fees. 


Please send an e-mail ( with your RSVP if

1) you would like to attend

2) if you would like the certification. 

Materials need to be ordered by 8/3. 


This training is optional.  We'd love any help in class even if you cannot attend.  I would especially encourage LHYA youth who are 15+ and have a few years with the program.  This will primarily be a discussion format with limited actual shooting.



No certification - Free


With certification:

Level 1 Instructor Course Packet - $30

Level 1 Instructor Patch (optional) - $8.95

Background Screening - $25

Safesport Training - Free

USA Archery membership - $15-$80 depending on type of membership chosen


Time: 11 AM - 5 PM (lunch will be provided)

A test will be required immediately after for those seeking certification.

***Class discounts will be available for ​coaching volunteers.
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