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2017 Schedule
Spring Outdoor (4/2)
Fall (9/9 - 11/7)
Archery Day @ 370 Lakeside Park (10/14)
Fall Tournament (12/9 & 12/10)

Fall Class Schedule
9am - 10:30am (10 & 20 yard)
11am - 12:30pm (10 & 20 yard)
1:30pm - 3pm (10 & 20 yard)
3:30pm - 5pm ​(10 & 20 yard)

4:30 - 6:00pm (20 yd only)

1pm - 2:30pm (10 & 20 yard)



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LHYA Indoor Archery

Our indoor schedule operates on seasonal 8-week schedules Fall and Winter.  We are looking into ways to support a Spring season but do not have the coaching availability for that yet.  Each class is for 90 minutes. New enrollees begin at the 10 yard distance UNLESS their experience qualifies at 20 yards.  Enrollees are encouraged to make at least 6 out of 8 classes each season to allow maximum participation.  Mid-season openings are usually not filled until the following season.

Fees1 are $60 for the first child and $40 for each additional child based on members of the same household for each 8-week season.  Payment is due at the first class of each season.  Please give us plenty of notice if you will not be re-enrolling or need to cancel to allow those on the waiting list an opportunity.

To enroll, please complete the online form (  Your information is kept private and used only for enrollment and program related purposes.​

Phone: (636) 279-4659

Outdoor Archery

This program is only offered to existing members of the Fall and Winter indoor program.  It runs for 4 weeks in the Spring with monthly Summer pin shoots.

1 Equipment is available at no cost for the first two seasons.  There will be an equipment rental fee of $20.00 per 8-week season added to the enrollment fee the following season.  This allows the child time to understand more about the equipment options and to decide if they really enjoy archery.  Personal equipment is always preferable as the equipment should be fit specific to an individual's need.  It is best to use a professional bow shop for advice, options, and sizing.